Saturday, 17 September 2011

Leaders of Men style perennials Brothel Creepers

Seems like creepers are back big time amongst the capitals hipster youth with no signs of retreat as far as i can see. Maybe more popular with girls over guys this time round, who knows?
George Cox creepers are the original and the best but although still made in Northhampton they're hard to track down outside of Japan apart from the Britboot shop in Camden. Japan has had a serious George Cox fixation since the 80s .Originally worn by Teds then adopted by Punk rockers in the late 70s early 80s the creepers charm appears to be everlasting. Rock on.

Marine girl

Bristols noisiest. Disorder


Japanese shop catalogue from a few years ago. The Popboy selection is particularly splendid and enough to drive normally sane men round the bend.

Early 80s teen punk adorns a fresh looking pair of Popboys . A very underrated shoe in my opinion and normally only acknowledged by Ivy/ Steve McQueen bores .

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  1. Good stuff. Remember that playboys or brothel creepers or whatever you want to call them are of course popular with rockabilly bores as well as Steve McQueen, Ivy and punk bores. Love em.