Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Scene In Between goes to press!!!

A quick word to you lot, just to say that A Scene In Between has officially gone to print.
So exciting times ahead for bohemian indie music and fashion fans alike.
I've ended up with gazillians of pics that didn't make it into the book  purely cos we ran out of pages.
So expect to see irregular posts of cool as shit rare unseen 80's uk indie shots.
Here's a nice dreamy one of William circa early 85' in Marychain uniform black leather box jkt, kicking back after a 20 minute session of mindsplitting feedback in Plymouth, courtesy of Val.

Friday, 10 May 2013

My Bloody Valentine 86 pix!!!!

Gordon Bennett!!
Researching A Scene In Between has been a hellava rewarding way to spend my time, unearthing piles of insanely cool previously unseen pics from all over documenting the golden indie era of 81 - 88.
A bit of nosing about and general pestering has resurrected these monumental artifacts from deep isolation to finally see the light of day to share with you noize pop freaks
Taken by Ken Copsey at the Bull and Gate in 1986 these jaw dropping pics capture the group live and untamed at the height of their trebled out feedback drenched powers and 60s/ 80s crossover sartorial finery.
Thanks to Ken Copsey for being so generous in allowing me to feature a few of these in A Scene In Between and here at Leaders of Men.
Kiss the eclipse.......

All pics copyright Ken Copsey

p.s not long now kids A Scene In Between is due out September so try and stay cool til then.
Any questions just drop me a line

Monday, 18 March 2013

The Sea Urchins rare 86 pix

Wow!!! I couldn't wait til the A Scene In Between launch date to share these anorktastic pics with you all. Anyone with a passing interest in what was 80s indie youth vogue will lose their marbles over these gems.
During my book research i've been harassing countless ex members of 80s uk indie bands with 60s fashion fixations to give up old snaps i can feature within it's hallowed pages. Birminghams very own Mighty Mighty were no exception on my quest and not only unearthed some very cool vintage snaps of themselves but Mick Geohagen really turned up trumps with these two perfect period piece shots of a extremely youthful Sea Urchins captured at the Mermaid pub in Brum June 86. 
Cheers Mick for climbing into the attic on my behalf.

p.s anyone else out there sitting on a pile of old 80s snaps with a similar sartorial preference don't hesitate and get in touch A Scene In Between gladly awaits....

Friday, 1 February 2013

My Bloody Valentine 1986 interview

Very obscure early interview from the brilliant and as i'm sure you'll agree the far superior Dave Conway lineup of MBV from late 86 from a short lived fanzine who's name we can't recall as the
cover is missing. Turn the treble up.....

Kindly scanned by the great man himself Dave Conway for the forthcoming 80s indie style book of
monolithic proportions A Scene In Between. Note Dave's cool flekky textured shirt and blazer ensemble complete with immaculate mop in this one.
Book hits the shelves worldwide August / September
It's not too late for sending your 80s indie pics in so get in touch and take part in A Scene In Between

Friday, 25 January 2013

Suburban bliss summer 85

Recently unearthed snaps of myself and my sister enjoying lazy afternoons at home in sunny Leigh on Sea circa summer 85.

Thru the flowers

Teenage bedroom garage punx

In my room
Notice my beloved Birthday Party t shirt which i wore til death and home made Vox teardrop
in the corner. JAMC Sounds cover  on the wall, Ausgang sticker on the draw and Milkshakes
2nd album on the turntable. Broad tastes indeed.

Sis going for that Clare Grogan, Mo Tucker kinda thing , me sporting a fresh pair of suede monk strap
shoes from the fabled Johnson's at Kensington Market the same ones the JAMC wore back then and countless other bands. Bring back Johnsons!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Spacemen 3 . Club O Mankind Hackney Dec 85

Very early London appearance by Rugby's finest at the short lived Club O Mankind Club in December 85.  Supporting the late great Margin of Sanity no less ( Authentic 65/ 66 mod,  r n b merchants ) Interesting slice of the crossover scenes that were going on back then and to be analysed in meticulous detail in forthcoming 80s indie tome A Scene In Between so hold tight kids....
Flyer and club card kindly loaned by the groovy Wayne Northern

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Discharge 1980

 Fascinating early coverage of the almighty Discharge circa 1980 from South London based zine Uber Alles.  Crack your brain up....

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Scene In Between

Leader of Men with crimped hair , 60s suede jkt , manky jumper and pal Andy late 84. Think we're waiting to see The scientists support The Gun Club at the Electric Ballroom.

Yes! It's finally happening..... get ready to blow your mind...the ultimate 80s indie photo fashion book!!

Calling all middle aged indie poppers/mod/garage rockers........

I'm a music fan, all round record nerd, and am compiling a book, A Scene In Between, documenting The fashion and styles of Indie / underground music 1980-1990. 
Can you help? I'm digging for photos from the time be it of you and your mates hanging about, gig/band/crowd shots etc... You could be immortalised in print in A Scene In Between. 
So stay tuned.....If you were in or around any of the following scenes get in touch.From Post Punk/via C86 to Shoegaze and everything else
in between.
- Fire Engines, Joseph K, Orange Juice, Postcard records period
- Television Personalities, Times, Whaam records, Groovy Cellar, Mood Six, The Regency, Acid mod type feel
- The Smiths and there impact on UK youth fashion
- Goth /sixties crossover in fashion. The Birthday Party, Cramps, Gun Club, Scientists,Turkey Bones and the Wild Dogs,Dr and the Medics, Inca Babies
- Pastels, Shop Assistants, Jasmine Minks, Jesus And Mary Chain, early Creation, Living Room scene
-Garage/ Mod crossover scenes Green Telescope, Prisoners, Milkshakes,Surrounds
-Venues like the Crypt Deptford, Hammersmith Clarendon, Gossips, Taste Experience in Southend, Coal Hole , Black horse Camden
-C86/87 bands Vaselines, BMX Bandits, Boy Hairdressers,Talulah Gosh, 53rd and 3rd records,Pooh Sticks Sea Urchins,Early Sarah bands.

-My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3 , Loop etc all early shoegaze type stuff.

I think you get the general gist. Would love to see what you've got.
i'm also on Facebook under Samuel Knee 

Friday, 28 September 2012

Spacemen 3 Conflict zine summer 88

Stateside interest in the Rugby droners proves to be a total flaky downer for the interviewer . A fun read none the less .

Johns Children { more noisy pics }

The most smashed blocked 60s mod/pop art group ? quite likely . A big fave round these parts anyhow.
 Sci Fi home county mods in white with medallions !!