Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Scene In Between

Leader of Men with crimped hair , 60s suede jkt , manky jumper and pal Andy late 84. Think we're waiting to see The scientists support The Gun Club at the Electric Ballroom.

Yes! It's finally happening..... get ready to blow your mind...the ultimate 80s indie photo fashion book!!

Calling all middle aged indie poppers/mod/garage rockers........

I'm a music fan, all round record nerd, and am compiling a book, A Scene In Between, documenting The fashion and styles of Indie / underground music 1980-1990. 
Can you help? I'm digging for photos from the time be it of you and your mates hanging about, gig/band/crowd shots etc... You could be immortalised in print in A Scene In Between. 
So stay tuned.....If you were in or around any of the following scenes get in touch.From Post Punk/via C86 to Shoegaze and everything else
in between.
- Fire Engines, Joseph K, Orange Juice, Postcard records period
- Television Personalities, Times, Whaam records, Groovy Cellar, Mood Six, The Regency, Acid mod type feel
- The Smiths and there impact on UK youth fashion
- Goth /sixties crossover in fashion. The Birthday Party, Cramps, Gun Club, Scientists,Turkey Bones and the Wild Dogs,Dr and the Medics, Inca Babies
- Pastels, Shop Assistants, Jasmine Minks, Jesus And Mary Chain, early Creation, Living Room scene
-Garage/ Mod crossover scenes Green Telescope, Prisoners, Milkshakes,Surrounds
-Venues like the Crypt Deptford, Hammersmith Clarendon, Gossips, Taste Experience in Southend, Coal Hole , Black horse Camden
-C86/87 bands Vaselines, BMX Bandits, Boy Hairdressers,Talulah Gosh, 53rd and 3rd records,Pooh Sticks Sea Urchins,Early Sarah bands.

-My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3 , Loop etc all early shoegaze type stuff.

I think you get the general gist. Would love to see what you've got.
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