The Leader Of Men in 1985 pondering the fate and future of all sartorially inclined Leaders of Men
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  1. Hi,

    Are any of your badges for sale?

  2. just received a scene in between today in the mail. never knew that there was actually a 'scene' but i grew up with these bands without realising they were part of any cultural trend.

  3. ...saludos!.( hi-hello-greetings in spanish) ..mi name is william,im from peru but i live right now in puerto rico,i buy your book (a scene in between)in a local book store here so for me is very wonderfull to see those pics and tales fron that times..excellent!! And something more,,i love my bloody Valentine from the first era with dave...dave comway is my heroe... greetings mi amigo from here...puerto rico.. :)
    ...william vlad rosenkreutz Estrella

  4. Hi, like the pics, theres one of me "the bloke from The Nips" Gavin Douglas aka Fritz!