Friday, 10 May 2013

My Bloody Valentine 86 pix!!!!

Gordon Bennett!!
Researching A Scene In Between has been a hellava rewarding way to spend my time, unearthing piles of insanely cool previously unseen pics from all over documenting the golden indie era of 81 - 88.
A bit of nosing about and general pestering has resurrected these monumental artifacts from deep isolation to finally see the light of day to share with you noize pop freaks
Taken by Ken Copsey at the Bull and Gate in 1986 these jaw dropping pics capture the group live and untamed at the height of their trebled out feedback drenched powers and 60s/ 80s crossover sartorial finery.
Thanks to Ken Copsey for being so generous in allowing me to feature a few of these in A Scene In Between and here at Leaders of Men.
Kiss the eclipse.......

All pics copyright Ken Copsey

p.s not long now kids A Scene In Between is due out September so try and stay cool til then.
Any questions just drop me a line

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great and rare pics !