Friday, 25 January 2013

Suburban bliss summer 85

Recently unearthed snaps of myself and my sister enjoying lazy afternoons at home in sunny Leigh on Sea circa summer 85.

Thru the flowers

Teenage bedroom garage punx

In my room
Notice my beloved Birthday Party t shirt which i wore til death and home made Vox teardrop
in the corner. JAMC Sounds cover  on the wall, Ausgang sticker on the draw and Milkshakes
2nd album on the turntable. Broad tastes indeed.

Sis going for that Clare Grogan, Mo Tucker kinda thing , me sporting a fresh pair of suede monk strap
shoes from the fabled Johnson's at Kensington Market the same ones the JAMC wore back then and countless other bands. Bring back Johnsons!

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  1. iconoclast uk 80s shots I do miss the 60s revival in the 80s turning into the 90s and forgotten with hip hop fashion by 92. If only they offered some of these fashions as a mainstay - i'd be happy, well as long as you could NOT get it at walmart and not made in china.