Saturday, 24 September 2011

Leaders of Men part 17 The Cramps 76 to 83

The gravest band of all time . Leaders of all leaders of men . Lords of Death and Horror punk . Discovering the Cramps as a teen in the early 80s was a mynd and life altering experience . Far away from the grim reality of the 2nd wave of uk punk { Discharge. Crass etc}  the Cramps were a gateway to a exciting new world consisting of Pebbles compilations , chelsea boots and fuzz boxes . Salute The Legion of the Cramped.


  1. One of, I'd say. Semi-controversially, I prefer Psychedelic Jungle to Songs The Lord Taught Us. A Date With Elvis is a corker too.

  2. I tend to agree with you most of the time on the Psychedelic Jungle vs Songs the Lord Taught us debate as the overall sound is more fuzzed out 60s and less rockabilly inspired . Kid Congo over Bryan ? it's a tuff one and a choice i'm not qualified to make. Both lineups/albums still destroy all opposition and worshipped here at Leaders of Men HQ on a daily basis.