Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Rock n Roll Knitwear Fashion tips for the chilly season. The Crewneck

Seems like autumn is surely upon us and time to start layering up and reaching for those knitwear pieces that make the season all the more intriguing . The crew neck has definitely taken the number one spot over the cardigan the last year or so in the mens knitwear stakes with the roll/ turtle neck creeping up in second position. Endless possibilities and updates ahead.
Part one. The Crew neck

Kirk from Theatre of Hate dabbles with a early sixties rocker look in 81 by combining George Cox shoes , drainpipe jeans , fantastic guitar jumper probably a repro from Johnsons and a biker cap. Very Bill Fury.

A Television Personality from The Painted Word lineup proudly supports the chunky waffle crew neck 

Bubba Dupree overlord guitarist from Void.  

An original rocker circa 64 wild in the streets in Margate . Knitwear's for squares ? think again.

Lou from Dinosaur discovers knitwear can be psychedelic

Stephen Pastel . Crew neck , V neck , cardie you name it Stephen Pastel nails it.

Surrey pop art mods Johns Children 

Gaffa tape plus white crew neck = Who , Johns children fixation


Joop Q65

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