Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fashion tips for guys. Animal prints

Here at Leaders of Men towers we predict that animal prints will be making a large comeback in the ever changing scenery of mens fashion for spring/ summer next year. What with all the floral prints currently in circulation evolving into a more tropical feel thereafter . It seems logical that animal prints will become more apparent . Possibly also in jersey where surely the whole Breton stripe phenomena has to be comming to an end?
Leaders of Men in animal print. A neverending story.

This chap from the Fugs { New York beatnik poets proto punk outfit }cira 65 does the leopard shirt thing rather well without really trying it seems. Complete with flip flops , smart shorts and greasy looking beard he could give any of todays  hipsters a run for their money.

Falling somewhere between The Birthday Party And The Cramps. Turkey Bones's lead man pulls off the caveman chic with total success .

This Chesterfield King complements a traditional black roll neck, seersucker pants combo with a very happening animal print waistcoat to achieve 66 garage mania.

By far the most originally stylish Pistol . Sid reveals a flash of animal print under a grotty old mac and over a Vive le rock t plus a Robin padlock necklace to complete punk rock completion. Top marks Sid.

Anti Cimex . Swedish Punx who's legacy reaches biblical proportions these days it seems adorn leopard print trousers alongside cobweb knits , studs and leather . The verdict?  shit hot

Uk rock n roller Billy Fury

Duffy Power
Late 70s new waver


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