Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Leaders of Men part 14 The Outsiders

One of the finest Dutch beat groups of the 60s. The Outsiders encapsulate everything that is synonymous with Nederbiet and the pioneering years of 65/66 .
The groups image of this early period is of definite interest to anyone interested in the mergings of styles ie bohemian, art school fashions with a more exaggerated slant of the long haired beat group , r & b look of the day ala Pretty things .

Hard to believe this photo was taken in 65 . This guys a visionary for sure with greasy lank hair, real tatty unfinished chunky crew neck with a turtle neck underneath. Grimy jeans and pair of Diemme esque looking mountaineering boots to top off the bohemian/ heritage feel in a natural poetic flare.

The Outsiders. Dutch gods . Boho stylists extraordinaire . Leaders of mystery . Leaders of Men.

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