Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Times I helped Patrick McGoohan Escape official lyric book

Picked this up recently from one of the two Bill's {beardy slim one } from Minus Zero originally known as Plastic Passion for our maturer readers. Bill's an all round knowledge on New Wave records and introduced  kugelberg to a lot of the obscurities found on the first four Killed by Death comps which are now household names { at least at L.O.M anyway } as well being a real swell guy.
At the time The Times left a few of these with Bill to sell/give out in the store. I don't think it's been reprinted since so should be of interest of all fans of The Times , Whaam records , TVP's etc.
Also includes a review by one one of the plebs out of duran duran .

Biff Bang Pow! stay tuned for more Times

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