Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Leaders of Men .  style icons and valuable sartorial tips sourced from old record sleeves part 1.

Rasputin and the Monks {resurrection records reissue circa early eighties }
 This one sided lp ( the original copy featured a choir octet on the flip ) by this New Hampshire high school
combo from 1966 features seven cover versions all played with keen youthful abandon . Pretty crude stuff but highly recommended to all fans of genuine punk rock. Original goes for nuts money so better to splosh your dosh on this reissue which still pops up from time to time.
But anyhow enough about the music just check these guys out! Take Ivy take a hike as here is the ultimate mid 60s preppy style resource and surely one of the best dressed bands ever?
And to top it all they're hanging tough in a graveyard to prove there're not squares . Except in one pic where the whole band are seen hitching a ride to obscurity in true beat fashion.  Penny loafers with white socks, roll necks, skinny cut off jeans, Jesus sandles , McGuinn style shades and one guy, the most punk looking of the lot with similar style leanings as Sterling Morrison the same year appears to be wearing engineer boots.  Add moody/ blank expressions and this lot have pretty much got it licked. A template of style and a fine to introduction to ' The Leaders of Men '

Leaders of Men . Style icons and valuable sartorial tips sourced 
from old record sleeves part 2 .
Meat Whiplash . Dont slip up Creation records 020 (1985)
One of the best Creation releases by a band who came and went in what seemed like an instant.
Who sounded more like the Jesus and Mary Chain than the Jesus and Mary Chain and were also from East Kilbride. A chicken and the egg situation arises. Which came first? We'll probably never know. But they left this great slab of fuzzed out/reverb drenched moody indie pop for generations to ponder about. Anyhow pick it up , it goes for less than a pint most of the time and you will enjoy it far longer.
We here at the Leaders of Men appreciate fine cable knitwear and if you look to the back of the sleeve you will notice a prime example leaning against a fence on a gaunt youth. The boys look pretty zonked like they've been sniffing glue all afternoon or everyday for the last five years in the case of the fella on the far right who looks fucked. The second press of this single used a different picture of the band this time in a field with all knitwear sadly obscured.    

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