Wednesday, 20 July 2011

leaders of men part 3 Stephen Pastel

Stephen Pastel was the original founding member of the highly influential scottish indie pop group the Pastels. Formed in 1982 they released some brilliant records on various labels such as Dan Treacy's of Television Personalities, O level fame whaam
records, rough trade, Glass and creation.
Sounding somewhere between the Swell Maps, TV'Ps, Red Crayola, Television and the V.U the Pastels were a genuine tour de force . Stephen also set up his own label 53rd & 3rd  { named after the fab super tuff Ramones song } releasing records by fellow scots the Vaselines , Boy Hairdressers and Beat Happening from Olympia Washington.

As well as being a post punk pop genius Stephen was also a style icon of the day as being the originator of the indie boy anorak look. Back in the mid eighties it was de rigueur for any true indie pop boy to wear an anorak . Preferably an original 60s quilted one which were pretty common at charity shops all over the country at the time. Skinny black jeans , chelsea boots, possibly a  stripey t shirt ala Lou Reed circa 66, bowl haircut and a hunched morose demeanor completed the look.
All hail Stephen pastel. A another honorable inclusion to The Leaders of Men. A essential style guide for
chaps the world over who are tired of the mundane and yearn for bohemian utopia.

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  1. I was born in the middle of nowhere
    And since that day I’ve been suffocating
    Tell myself this dump trod on me
    Anticipating and waiting and waiting
    But oh I feel so lonely
    Gonna make my way down to the bus station