Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Leaders of Men part 4 The Half Tribe

Originally locally released in 1965 in a miniscule press run. Original copies of the Half Tribe lp Only Startin' are something countless people the world over ponder about on a regular basis. Myself included . Not just for the music which to be honest is fairly hum drum although highly enjoyable {Grab the Resurrection reissue if you see it } Includes mainly standard covers of the day ie ' Empty heart , Money, Baja etc  but the highlight of the platter is the brilliant band shot on the front cover
The fellas pose proud from a suburban hilltop wielding Fender Jaguars and sporting typical teen punk clobber of the time. White sta press , Oxford shirts, Stripey t's etc . The dude in the centre which turns out to be the drummer nails the look that Ivy, Modernists endorse still to this day.
From head to toe this guy's got real class .. Side parting, slick shades, Oxford shirt under a neat looking crew neck sweater. white sta press and a pair of penny loafers worn without socks to complete the boho effortlessness required to be a Leader of men.
Hats off to Cran . Half Tribe drummer and a Leader of Men. Especially those with Ivy leanings .

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  1. This band was the extra-curricular activity of students at The Hill School in Pottstown, PA. The cover photo was taken on the coal pile of the then power plant, with Upper School dormitory in the background. The reason the band members look so "preppy" ( a style made popular by the likes of Ralph Loren) is because The Hill IS a "prep school" and that's just how we dressed.