Thursday 28 July 2011

Vintage badges Leaders of Men Accessories section

A little while back i came upon a vast job lot of badges dating from the mid seventies through to the early eighties. The charming chap selling them it turned out used to have a shop off of Carnaby Street at the time selling clothing and accessories cashing in on most youth crazes of the day. Namely Punk rock, 79 Mod revival, 2 Tone , New Wave as well as heavy metal { yuk . Readers be assured that this is a metal free blog } and Ted. The clothing had all sadly long gone which still troubles me to this day. Just imagine all those tonic trousers , Brutas parkas , Lord Anthony shirts , Jam shoes,waffle cardies etc Once a plastic always a plastic i say. But the badges kept in black bin liners in his shed {some surviving better than others} were a intriguing find. Mmm.

Not sure who this future leader of men, mail order mod was but the carefully aligned badges speak volumes. Rumour has it he reeked havoc around 79 on his paper round in the southend area chanting ' if the kids were united ' and ' Too much too young '. But that's probably just a rumour.

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