Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dear all.
Welcome to the Leaders of Men.
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Back in 1986 myself and a couple of pals from Southend {namely patsie and paul } decided to make a
psychological horror film. Influenced by the Servant, Repulsion and countless Hammer studio epics we embarked  on making the best English 60s horror film since the 60s. Bear in mind we believed the 80s were shit so
living life in a permanent daydream and avoiding all reality was the answer. Equipped with a super 8 camera found in a local charity shop and a budget of about 50 quid we set to work. Patsie's gloomy basement flat became the main set. She didn't seem to mind us redecorating with a tin of black gloss paint for total expressionist effect.   The sequence's outside were shot at Tilbury riverside and a disused pier in Southend East .
We were pretty chuffed with the results at the time but for one reason or another never completed the project. Paul ended up looking after the other two three minute reels we shot and then disappeared to Bristol never to return. And Patsie after spending too much time in her basement became a goth and was last seen walking into an Ausgang gig. So. Sadly this is only about half of what was made. Back From The Grave vols 3 and 4 are forever to be lost in time.  As it was a silent flick we figured it should have a moody instrumental soundtrack ala Linkwray or Psychedelic Journey pts one and two by the fabulous  Mystic Tide to add to the intensity .
Anyhow. Hope you enjoy what you see .  and remember to Blow your mynd!

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