Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Spacemen 3 . Spex mag march 88

I recently stumbled upon this old magazine at a otherwise diabolical record fair in the west end full of the usual overpriced garbage that no one gives a shit about these days.  Don't understand record dealers half the time. Pure delusion .
Anyhow , i'd not seen the pic before and so had to snap it up even though i can't read German. Someone please feel free to translate , we middle aged Spacemen 3 fans gotta stick together right ?

Love Pete's Shearling sheepskin coat combined with preppy/ city boy pinstripe shirt in this pic seems at first glance quite square. A very unassuming pure outsider acid punk style ie Joe Docko of the Mystic Tide , or Index sorta vibe me thinks. I'm guessing {based on seeing them play a few times round then } on his lower half he's wearing ripped to shit 505's { Marychain style} and Cons sneakers which were still strangely exotic in 87/88 in the UK until the Sub Pop deluge a bit later which made all those u.s classic labels seem pedestrian and boring.

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