Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Something beginning with O Kevin Pearce

One of the few highlights of the dreary 90's { here at Leaders of Men believe pop culture died around 87} this
fabulously slim book appeared then vanished  in a purple flash a bit like the first Sea Urchins single on Sarah records { it still bugs me that i never bothered picking that up when it was in every indie store in london
for about 2 quid !  shit } Anyhow,  the first couple of chapters focussing on the original Mods are truly inspiring . Someone should reprint this...

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  1. Same here. I had the book...I had it til I got divorced and it went west with my record collection and all my other books.

    I keep coming back to thinking about this one though. Especially since Kevin Rowland, Paul Weller and Vic Godard all proved to be the exact thing that Kevin Pearce nailed them as in the pages of this book...the real deal, the true searching spirits from their generation.

    Don't suppose you have the whole book scanned?