Saturday, 18 February 2012

Compilation of coolness vol 2

A random cornucopia of  images from the mid 60s to mid 80s.
style tips for the discerning garage punk rocker? Or just an excuse to be vague? Leaders of Men looks for an answer...

The Answer in 65 . The singers madras check blazer combined with a wooly hat exudes punk rock charm.

Dutch mod feedback masterpiece !

Surrey teen mod noise 

The Purple Earthquake

More Dutch mod mayhem The Selfkick

Need their Lp" Spring break 65 "for the cover alone. A old pal of mine used to have a copy but i think he sold it years back. Oh well


Dolly Mixture

Bloke from the Nips looking very mod , check out the vents on his sta press...well smart

Skins and punks unite

Bloke from GBH . Can't help but think this guy had his own style away from the studs and leather UK82 stereotypes

Italy's finest Wretched live 84

Reality , East Anglian anarcho


Crash  . Long forgotten New York jingle jangle group who relocated to London in the mid 8os then promptly vanished. L.p is pretty good me thinks and normally goes for virtually nothing.

Talulah Gosh


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