Saturday, 13 August 2011

Style Tips. eighties indie boy/ garage rock n roller haircuts.

Way back when . The ideal hairdo for any aspiring indie boy jingle jangler or a serious 60s garage nut was the Bowlcut . A bit like a grown out Brian Jones or Roger McGuinn blacking out the eyes, covering the nose to be almost the same length all the way round . The bowl was the perfect solution to blocking out day to day mundane reality as well as the football casual yobs you'd have to tolerate on a regular basis with their absurd wet perms, wedges and level 42 fixations.
Stay tuned for a never ending gallery on the subject.
Pooh sticks {think this guy was a fan not a bandmember?}

A Morlock.


The Scientists. Fuck yes. What a powerhouse. They relocated to London in 83 and set about altering minds with a unique fuzzed out swamp repetitive Suicide like dirge unheard of at that time. Met them round then once at a dingwalls gig. They seemed like real nice fellas and even signed my flyer. Neat looking band too with matching shaggy bowlcuts, chelsea boots , psychedelic shirts etc

The Deaf Aids

Eugene of The Vaselines. Brill group .Stylish chap. Dig the leopard waistcoat over the polka dot shirt plus vintage redline 501s culminating in a authentic pair of engineer boots { Carolina's ? } . On the downside Mollys Lips was unfortunately covered by a god awful american stoner metal stadium trio who were sooo rubbish i've completely forgotten what they called themselves. Indie purists were disgusted and rightly so. As Dutch masters Larm once said 'Metal attitude sucks ' Amen.

The Mistreaters . well cool London 80s Garage/ r & b slop

The Mistreaters 1987 

Robert from Loop. First couple of singles are pretty ace. They got written off at the time for being Spacemen 3 rip offs which is true to some degree . Robert sat on a stool { a bit like Spacemen 3 }with an impressive mop { see really clear pics from Spinning ep }covering his entire face whilst playing the same chord for most of the set whilst neat looking girl drummer played standing up ala Bobby Gillespie bashing out a primitive beat to accompany the minimal waves of fuzz.

Bobby Gillespie. Clearly a direct offspring of the Stephen Pastel syndrome. This young scot had a big influence of the Anorak movement as well the bowl / mop renaissance of mid eighties indie pop youth .

a Gruesome. This guy nails it in my opinion. He's on the outside looking in. Or to quote the Anti nowhere league ' I hate people , and they hate me '

The Clean 

Crimson Shadows


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  2. I made a typo. Here's my comment again: The Spacemen 3 biography, Dreamweapon, is great for all sorts of info. You have to use your noddle on occasion to discern for yourself where, if anywhere, evidence leads, but overall it has less bias than plenty of these sorts of books. It details how close Robert Hampson got to Sonic Boom, just before he went off and formed Loop. The main problem with Dreamweapon, in fact, apart from availability, is the failed experimental chapters. Speed-read those and you're OK.