Friday, 12 August 2011

Leaders of Men part 11 The Subway Sect, Vic Goddard + Slits

' We oppose all rock n roll ' declared Vic Godard of the Subway Sect on the cover of  august 77 issue of Zig Zag.  The Subway Sect seemed cooly detached from everything else at the time and fitted awkwardly into the early London Punk scene. Trebly , angular pop songs paired with Godards quavering vocals the Subway Sect were clearly visionaries who were either too early or too late for the trend. Looking more like a scruffy group of 60s schoolboy beat poets the Subway Sects slant { as well as the TVP's } of the new wave had more of a influence visually and musically on the following generation of indie rock n rollers in the likes of The Pastels , Orange Juice , Jesus and Mary Chain and so on.


The Subway Sect . Last of the kitchen sink beat groups . First of what was to become known as indie kids. Modernist poets .Leaders of Men.
P.s thought i'd include these smashing pics of The Slits from the issue of Zig Zag featured as i haven't seen them reprinted anywhere since. Plus Palmolive looks possessed whilst kicking out the jams which is worthy of inclusion alone. 

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