Friday, 19 August 2011

Leaders of Men part 13 Tom Guido

I always thought Tom was a really sweet guy and a lot of fun. His apartment on Columbus in San Francisco's North Beach just over the road from City Lights books and soon to be his Purple Onion Club was full of stuff to ogle over especially if you enjoy looking at 60s garage 45s  as well as a great place to hang out. Tom was a real knowledge on local beat history and showed me round whatever remnants were left in the neighborhood whenever we hooked up. Following the success of his Fuzz Club held at various locations throughout the city for a few years showcasing local garage/ indie acts such as David Nudelmans Wild Breed, Mummies , Driving Wheels , Dwarves , Icky Boyfriends, Marzipan, Vanilla Whores , Birminghams, Headless Horsemen and so on he took a gamble on the legendary 60s club the Purple Onion which was currently vacant and the rest is history.

Tom Guido { centre }

Tom on the left plus two guys from first lineup of Marzipan outside 101 records in North Beach where they worked / hung out at the time.

David Nudelman brains behind the Wild Breed and 3 Stoned Men

P.s Punk rock historians note the guy who owned 101 records a Hungarian called Tom put out the first Crucifix ep . A genius piece of teen racket often overlooked by the later output where they went more Anarcho peace punk { still brilliant }. Religion Kills is faultless and mandatory listening for anyone with a passing interest in the genre as is the whole ep.

Tom Guido. Last of the North Beach beatniks . Leader of the Purple Onion. Leader of Men.

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