Thursday, 18 August 2011

Leaders of Men part 12 The wallflower Complextion

The Wallflower Complextion were US Army kids based in Columbia during the mid sixties who somehow ended up putting out two incredible lps in 66/ 67. Brilliant garage , mostly covers but who cares ? plus their version of Open up your door is better than the Young Lions by far .Well worth picking up the reissue double lp of both for a fraction of the originals which go for bananas money. Oh well. For fans of the Rising Storm , Foul Dogs etc

Love this guys beaten up black jeans with old medals hung diagonally on a vintage for then looking pea coat. Plus NHS specs for intellectual teen punk charm. He's happening. Clearly the beatnik of the group.

This kids got total teen garage style . Brushed check shirt over a t with a cool side parting and a Vox guitar .

The other two are the more generic 60s youths with clean looking oxford shirts and jeans .

The Wallflower Complextion . Leaders of US garage in Columbia. Leaders of of teen punk style .  Leaders of youth and Men alike.


  1. Top Post... Dig this, gonna try and buy the album now... I hear via the grapevine you collect vintage clothing... I do too to a lesser or greater degree, I was wondering if you have come across and American H.I.M sta-prest trousers?


  2. Hi Paul
    Thanks for getting in touch and digging the blog. I'm not as involved in vintage clothing as i used to be but will keep my eyes peeled for any H.I.M sta press in good condition from pals still in the biz. Underrated slacks by the way LEVIS seem to get all the credit for these things. Wallflower Complextion are top notch in my book and well worth investigation. P.s your records are regulars on the turntable at Leaders of Men HQ {i own all four} keep up the great work. But remember the world ain't round it's square. sam.

  3. Wow thanks for digging my records!

    The world is most certainly Square Sam!!! most certainly!

    I have purchased the CD of Wallflower Complextion based on this post, so just waiting for Royal Mail to deliver the goods.

    I have recently purchased a couple of top notch garage 45s, one cost me a fair bit, but it genius regardless.

    I am back in the studio next month to unleash more New England Styled garage... recording 3 tracks, 2 originals (one of which is a real tearjerker) and a cover version of The Five Buck's - No Use In Trying (which kinda relates to my life recently)

    I have a bunch of original Levi Sta-Prest, but the straight leg variety is hard to find, I have a few of the more late 60s styled one's with the slight bootcut... still cool, but I have one pair of straight leg ones and they are my pride and joy.

    I am after a pair of H.I.M Sta-Prest and also Mr Legg if possible, so if your pals can sort that out, that'd be killer... just contact me off my website or my own music blog.



  4. From Columbia South America. Yes sir