Friday, 29 July 2011

Leaders of Men part six the Milkshakes

From around 81 to about 84 The Milkshakes were probably the best beat group in the uk. And probably the only beat group in the uk actually playing authentic early / mid 60s type original material without sounding forced or cliched  or not even remotely 60s like all of those rubbish 79 era mod revival bands . Emerging from the ashes of the Poprivets { more of a diy punk/new wave outfit}The Milkshakes were the genuine article using all original 60s equipment , recording and releasing there own records {often using laminated card sleeves just like original 60s uk pressings} and wearing all original clobber. Like all great things the Milkshakes went unnoticed by most people and had very few other decent bands to play with at the time apart from The Prisoners { another Kent phenomena } and ended up on dodgy psychobilly billings playing to giant quiffed , chicken dancing aggressive morons{ Meteors , Stingrays etc} But carried on regardless and continued to put out a vast number of records in a short amount of time existing in their own Star club circa 62 bubble. I'll put up more pics of the band soon once i dig out more of their records/ clippings etc but in the meantime here's a taster.
The Milkshakes . beat group exis , bastion of pure rhythm and beat, Leaders of men part 6
p.s Billy used to date this bird at the time . Any guesses who she was?

The Prisoners circa 83

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  1. hello! just to say thanks for this post and i'm looking forward to more cuttings/pictures!