Saturday, 30 July 2011

Leaders of Men part seven The Foul Dogs

The Foul Dogs lp was originally released in 1966 on the Rhythm Sound label.
A big deal to fans of New england teen prep/ garage rock with a downbeat flavor so typical of that region of the time. Although lacking originals apart from one ' blue and green' and consisting of mainly stones covers and the mandatory Gloria , No1 is still a fascinating lp.
The photo on the front sleeve is perfect and captures everything you'd ever want from a local sixties garage album. These guys aren't your average teen dropouts but serious young men of noble breed looking forward to a life of privilege ahead of them. Brooks Brothers over levis or sears these Leaders of men treat their brief excursion into rock n roll like homework for the summer holidays. And after appalling record sales soon return to the more conventional conservative direction expected of them.
For us mere mortals the Resurrection reissue lp from around 85 is worth picking up and seems to be the most common release on the label.
The Foul Dogs . Leaders of men . Leaders of academia, democracy and Ivy League punk rock

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