Thursday, 19 July 2012

80's indie fashion stylists { a broad survey }

Untamed Youth { uk mod group not boring u.s frat / surf bollox}

Love them or hate them Discharge re{de}invented punk rock as well as spearheading the whole 2nd wave fashion and putting Stoke eternally on the punk rock map. I hear there's a large bronze statue of them at the top of the high street but i don't get up north often so doubt i'll ever see it.

Early fan

Discharge . Not cal's lot but the geordie Discharge circa 79/80 , genius trio behind the anthem " Hardcore Punx '. Cool early punk/skin crossover style also.

2nd waver youth punks or uk 82 . Either way like the donkey with badges over a v neck jumper plus dms and outgrown schoolboy crop .

Early 80s nutter punk mucking about with a mannequin

Cool Wretched t and leopard sleeve

Disorder rule! dig the beer towel patch also

1981 cider punk

Forget Cave these guys were the real faces of the Birthday Party


Love Lenny's prince of wales check suit .Not traditionally indie but i believe they strangely formed a crossover between diy TV'Ps style and purist 60s garage/beat also hugely popular at the time. Leaders of Men worship the Green Telescope.

Everyones faves it seems. Checkout Bobbys anorak in this one , well sharp

hey i know the exploited were always awful but i can't help but like Gary's diy bleach jeans in this pic

a Razorcut in a groovy patchwork shirt

The Dentists . Dig the lopsided cutoffs

Confuse take the early Discharge / Disorder ' noise not music ' ethos way OTT

Dave Conway in action blowing the crowds minds !!! cool mop and leather too


Jason appears to be wearing a Happy Monday t shirt i think. how contemporary of the time i suppose.

Amelia { Leader of women ? }

Loop . Spacemen 3 rip offs and proto shoegaze faves still look cool in a paisley haze

very underrated this lot . Their records rule and can still be picked up pretty easily normally for the same or less than they went for back then. Weird huh?

Pussy Galore nice later shots

Post HHH speed punx Rouse , dig that stonewash denim and crisp white t's n sneakers . How fashions change from the leather and studs from 4 years earlier

cool single . need to unearth pics of these guys from somewhere, Diy Shoegaze in the garage. Apparently that terminally shit group from oxford named themselves after this single?

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