Friday, 20 April 2012

Keith Relf and The Yardbirds Leaders of Men Vol 21

One of the great London R n B groups of the mid sixties. The Yardbirds are normally discussed purely for their three guitarists later efforts , which are of no interest here at Leaders of Men HQ. We firmly believe they should have all retired from music immediately and permanently after leaving the group before boring the world shitless with their self indulgent drivel. What interests us here is the bands cool  understated , effortless art school fashion sense , with definate Ivy leanings . Pure mid 60s punk rock .
Also Keith Relf is surely one of the most underrated frontmen of all time . His downbeat , laconic style along with Them's Van Morrison was a big influence on teenage America and the garage band explosion of 65 - 67. All hail the mighty Keith Relf , leader of moody R nB , pioneer of garage punk style. Leader of Men.

Keith Relf . Coolest dude ever

Yardbirds ep boffin sleeve notes

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  1. Wow, terrific collection! Thanks for posting.