Friday, 9 March 2012

Condemned . Anarcho Punk Unknowns 79

Found this batch of snaps at Portobello Road market a few weeks back.
I'm guessing this is the Condemned from the north east circa 79 / 80 who did a split with the Proles.
The cans of Newcastle Brown Ale are another regional clue. Anyhow, an interesting glimpse of 2nd wave provincial anarcho punks having a rave up.

check out drummer blokes BSA badge , he's probably more into bikes and Motorhead than all that punk rock shite

Singer reminds me of Cal

This guy's got real style. Square haircut , national health specs, Donkey jacket plus badges { too small for me to figure out what}  skinny tie over a tee, studded belt, nondescript straight jeans with an Anarchy in 80 patch on the thigh { proto crust anyone? } and D.Ms probably 6 high. This youth is a true punk rocker seen here dishing out some ultra distorted , feedback drenched power chords i reckon.

After downing their cans the boys kick some serious arse

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