Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Compilation of Coolness Vol 3

As you've probably figured out by now i'm only really concerned with mid sixties beat , mod, garage kinda stuff { 64 - 66/7  ideally. Pre hippy takeover } and late 70s to mid 80s post punk , indie racket {pre E drivel }. Anything before and after or inbetween on the whole just ain"t my bag brother. Narrow minded ? quite likely . Tunnel vision ? most definitely.
Anyways , moving on here's more random pics of suarve looking fellows from those hallowed years .
This comp series of visual sartorial enlightenment  trundles on with no apparent end insight , so drop in pretty regular kids for updates.
P.s Who said punk was dead ? was it a mod or was it a ted ?

The Downliners Sect at the height of their powers around the time the second lp.

One of best shots ever of the Pretties i reckon. Phil pulls off the mediterranean / Ivy mod thing without lifting a finger except to drag on his fag {Gitanes filterless? } The seersucker blazer over plain white t and Levis { ? } is pure class. Wish i could tell what he was wearing on his feet {desert boots, sneakers ? }. Viv maintains his cool with a moody pair of wraparounds and burgandy tab shirt { genius } Get set for a extensive Pretties feature soon focussing on their punk , beat style 64 - 66

Impeccable Ivy styling from Eric Burden circa 65

Het . Dutch pop art mods

Garage punks back at the grave

An Oak acetate . Sadly it's a trad jazz group not some home counties mod noise ie Game etc. Oh well, it still looks nice.

The Game hit the headlines


? Suburban punk rockers

Dutch depressive beat

Everything looks even cooler in Technicolor

Wow! what a double bill

Great shot of this cool  band . Love the cut off shorts with oxford button down combo plus sneakers , Van Doran perhaps ? Punkness at it's purist

Missing Links


Real nice paisley button down

Beautiful houndstooth blazer on Jackies 67 outing

Southend 79 mod

underrated american post punk . Lp still goes for pennies usually

Check out home made Fall t shirt { worth picking up the lp for that alone }

Still see these guys around north London, still wear identical outfits every day.



Parisian mayhem

Genius punk racket

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