Thursday, 24 November 2011

60s Punk Rock style icons vol 1

Fear not kids . No hippies allowed on this blog. 100% pure 60s punk rock stylists

Johnny Kidd



Mike from the Tempos

A Missing Link

Bass player from Bluesbreakers sporting a very tasty LEVI suede jkt . Jeans turned up on the inside look kinda cool also. This guy later became a hippy. Feel free to throw up.

London layabout circa 64 . Surely a early influence on Stephen Pastel?

a Fug 1965

Eddie Phillips . Mark Four

Unknown Ivy instrumentalists

Centurys. Note cool anorak on far right , probably an early influence on Stephen Pastel.

The Kids

Puerto Rico's the Final Solution. Note guy in tree wearing double diy bleached denim ensemble, pretty punk for 66. This look became very popular amongst the early 80s glue sniffing Oi masses here in the uk.

Swedens LSD . Punk racket supreme

Lemon Drops

Paul Butterfield. East West

The Index's leather glove wearing guitarist. Cryptic genius

Best guitarist ever? Leaders of men say yes. Mystic Tide rule!!!


Suburban teen punx circa 65

The Plague

Nickels and Dimes


Religion kills

Ugly Ducklings

Young Monkey Men


Out from The Briardoons

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