Saturday, 6 August 2011

Leaders of Men part 9 Lou Reed

You've gotta love Lou Reed . Especially in this early pre Primitives, Velvets pic taken in 63 while he was a student at Syracuse University looking super preppie in a classic cable knit jumper. No doubt ripping out a mind melting ostrich guitar solo at the same time the guy has real style.  Just listen to 'I heard her call my name ' to confirm any doubts of the man's magnitude. A mere Leader of Men could be a understatement? a leader of all civilisation is probably more accurate.
Dig this guy. Head to toe beat punkness . Especially love the penny loafers { i have a thing about penny loafers }

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  1. The performance of "Perfect Day" on Jools Holland with novelty act Antony Hegarty crying and the martial arts guy Reed employs to tell him he's tough doing an interpretive dance is the most embarrassing thing I've seen on TV. How the mighty fall.